Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Start of a New "Diet"...

...or should I say "Weight Loss Effort"? I'm not following any specific diet program this time, at least for now. I'm going to start with just exercising, journaling, and low carb foods. I'm not talking Atkins-strict low carb here, just keeping carbs to a minimum. I know low carb works to give me a "start losing weight" boost, but I know it can't work in the long haul. A girl will eventually need her bread!

Monday, July 16, 2007
Weight: 222, Exercise: Swimming
Scrambled eggs with cheese
Diet Coke, 2
Water, large mug
SF vanilla latte (zero carbs)
Chicken strips

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Weight: 220, Exercise: Walking, 1 hour
Quesadilla w/low carb wheat tortilla & cheese
Diet Coke, 2
Mozzarella sticks*
Snap peas w/ranch
Water, 2 large mugs/1 bottled
Caprese salad w/EVOO and Balsamic
SF cinnamon gummie dogs :)

* Yes, this is 'diet food', LOL. Cheese is low carb. I refrained from eating the marinara dipping sauce that came with; it is NOT so very low carb.

I started walking with a friend every night, about 3 months ago. We were in a really great groove for about 2 months, then summertime events kept interrupting us. We haven't walked the last 4 nights, although I did swim last night. I'm going to walk tonight, with or without her, LOL!
Edited: We did walk tonight, yay. I actually enjoy walking with someone. We just talk the entire time.

Today so far, I'm feeling good. My stomach is already growling at 10:48am. I keep thinking of a quote I read in People magazine several months ago, from one of those "I Lost 100 lbs!" ladies: "I'm not going to lie. You are going to go to bed hungry". That is a concept I constantly struggle with. Why do I always feel like I'm entitled to eat, I MUST eat, whenever my stomach growls? Like it's my right, my destiny, a given. I know in my brain that sometimes my stomach growls because I'm actually thirsty and I need water, not food. Yet every single time, I don't reach for the water, I reach for the food. Why can't I take the advice I've heard so often: If you're hungry, distract yourself with a walk, a hobby, a phone call to a friend? My brain knows intellectually that I should follow this advice, yet I reach for the food. It is a sure thing (I KNOW it will satisfy me). It is easier (I don't FEEL like putting on my tennies and going out in the heat). It is natural (I walk to the kitchen without even thinking). Okay, there are my reasons and they are part of why I'm fat. Now what am I going to do to change this?


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