Monday, July 23, 2007

Resisting Temptations

I'm still at 222 but trying not to be depressed because it is PMS week, where I typically gain 5-6 pounds temporarily. I've been sticking to the low-carb plan, with only one exception (had a handful of M&M's on Saturday). I've walked for 40-45 mins every night even though it's been very hot and NOT fun. I even resisted a plateful of chocolate cupcakes that our neighbor brought over. It felt very good to resist them and to be able to brag about it later, LOL. I got the kids some frozen fruit treat things - mango and rasberry - that look absolutely delicious but are full of (natural) sugar. So those were my little accomplishments from last week. I'm also doing some long-put-off organizing of things around the house. For some reason, doing this relieves such weight from my shoulders and makes life easier in general - am I the only one?


Crabby McSlacker said...

I hate housework so give myself Huge Bonus points for any efforts made in that department. And resisting cupcakes? That's very impressive!

Golf Reviews said...

gah. i'm definitely not there yet. I can't resist ANYTHING it seems. I just eat it and feel bad about it later. I see that this post is 2007-- any updates coming? Would love to hear...

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